Best Metal-Detecting Accessories: Top Headphones, Shovels & More

Using a metal detector can be a fun hobby. It gets you outside, lets you get some exercise, and you can find some cool stuff every now and then.

Like any hobby, your journey begins with your basic equipment. The best metal detector reviews can help you find the equipment that you’ll want to use.

Then you’re ready to enhance your experience by adding the best accessories to take with you when using a metal detector. Here are the products that will make your hobby even easier to do every day.

#1. Shovels

Metal detecting is about finding what is underneath your feet. Although sometimes you’ll get lucky and find something of value just sitting on the ground, most of the time you’ll need to dig.

For tough jobs, we highly recommend this 46-inch shovel from Fiskars.

For digging in sand, we recommend this mini-D shovel from Bond.

And for surface digging for coins or small objects, we recommend this folding shovel from Pyle.

#2. Rakes

Digging isn’t the only job you may need to do to reach the treasure that you’ve found. Some treasures may be beneath extensive root systems, rocks, and other debris. A rake that can move these items out of the way so the digging chore can happen is an invaluable tool to bring along.

We really love this multipurpose rake and hoe combination tool by Carrolner for this purpose.

#3. Batteries

Metal detectors can take a lot of juice. You may find that having a spare battery for your equipment is a good idea. Some entry-level metal detectors may use standard alkaline batteries, but advanced models tend to use a rechargeable battery.

Check with the manufacturer of your new metal detector to determine if a spare battery is available. You may also wish to look at “metal detector kits,” which often come with an extra battery and some of the other accessories you’ll want for this hobby. 

#4. Headphones

Metal detectors offer signals and number indications to let you know that you’ve found something. Many public areas will allow metal detecting, but may require you to limit the noise pollution you produce from this hobby. That’s why investing into a set of headphones is a good idea.

A good pair of stereo headphones will work. Over-the-ear options are better so specific sound frequencies can be heard. Earbuds are a good second option. On-the-ear headphones should be avoided, if possible.

We highly recommend these headphones from Bounty Hunter to get the job done.

Treasure State Prospecting offers a surprisingly good set of earbuds if you prefer.

If you prospect for gold, then these headphones from Gray Ghost are the best.

#5. Wireless Transmitters

One of the industry innovations for metal detecting is the inclusion of Bluetooth technology. With an app that is programmed to read and discuss the different codes a metal detector can produce, it becomes very easy to find a treasure without making a sound. This may include wireless headphones that give you the signals that are generated when you find something.

The best accessories to take with a metal detector will make it fun and easy to enjoy this hobby even more than you already do. Get your equipment today and then have fun exploring!

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